YouTube Buffering – How I Fixed YouTube Buffering Problem

I must confess that I’m deeply in love with YouTube. Since its launch, I spent plenty of time watching videos on YouTube. YouTube has been a supply of information, education & entertainment. Something seems missing in my life if I avoid it for a few days.

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The most frustrating problem with YouTube occurs when there is buffering in videos causing them to lag. It mars the enjoyment of watching any video. It is just a persistent and widespread problem.  Digital Transformation Services First I believed that it doesn’t have solution and I’ve to call home with it. After some searching, I are finding a handsome solution to avoid YouTube buffering problem. It worked for me and I am sure it would be ideal for you.

Allow me to share my findings with you so you can watch YouTube videos without slow buffering.

1. First of all you have to make sure that your aren’t downloading whatever else during the time of watching YouTube video. If you should be achieving this, chances for buffering will increase many times.

2. It is preferred that you download and use some Video Accelerator tool. Fortunately, it is free and it can help you.

3. It’s important that you test the speed of your web connection. Multimedia and video streaming need high speed internet. You may want to talk to your ISP. In case your net connection is okay consider optimizing internet settings by way of a system utilities software.

4. Most critical of most optimize your entire PC. Clean Windows Registry, defrag Registry, optimize net connection, clean system junk and optimize computer services. Performing these maintenance tasks on your own PC will boost up browser and PC’s performance and you will experience less or no lagging in YouTube.

5. Install YouTube Auto-Buffer plug-in for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. An Auto-Buffer plug-in is just a script that buffers YouTube videos without automatically playing. In addition, it removes in-video advertisements, puts the video in High Definition (HD) mode as the case maybe. Google it for more information.

6. Make certain Windows Update isn’t carried out simultaneously. As default, Windows updates are enabled. Your computer searches new updates online, downloads and installs them automatically. This process uses higher bandwidth and the web speed is dramatically reduced till update process is finished. Click the upward arrow situated on the Notification Part of your Taskbar, and make certain there is no Windows Update icon with message “Downloading and installing updates… “

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